For the 2024 edition (on campus), the fee for each School is 800 euro. The fee is VAT-exempt, due to art. 10, point 20 of D.P.R. 633/72.

The fee includes participation in the School, teaching materials, and one social dinner. The fee does not cover travel, lodging, and food.


The following reductions are available for the 2024 edition (not combinable).

– Alumni: 750 euro.


– Enrollment of multiple PhD students/postdocs from the same Department.

For two doctoral students/postdocs: 750 euro for each participant.

For three or more doctoral students/postdocs: 700 euro for each participant.


Any bank charges must be paid by the participant.


Participants may apply for attending the summer school following the steps below:

1. Send an e-mail to to check for the availability of seats in the school.

2. Upon receiving confirmation of seat availability, download and fill the application form, which includes the agreement (in case of billing to a University) / service request form (in case of billing to the participant).

In filling the application form, please be as accurate as possible. Some “warnings” will signal the presence of unfilled fields. Additionally, please verify (by means of the print preview function) the correct layout of the file before printing the first four pages, adapting, if needed, the proportions of the printing area.

3a. In the case of billing to the participant, you can pay by bank transfer (payment via credit card is not allowed), using the data shown in the application form.

3b. In the case of billing to a University, please first request the invoice to and, and then proceed with the payment by bank transfer (payment via credit card is not allowed), using the data shown in the application form.

4. Send the application form and the agreement/service request form filled and signed, together with the bank transfer receipt, to


Deadline to apply for the Text Mining Summer School: July 1, 2024.


The registration is completed only when the Department of Business Administration and Law of the University of Calabria receives the payment.